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Empires Rise

Our first self-published game! Working on this project was a very rewarding experience, from initial design, throughout development and even the marketing campaign and monetisation. Here at Ocean View Games we are long time fans of the turn-based strategy game genre, and being able to take all we have learnt from the various games out there and put our own spin on it was simultaneously exciting and daunting! This project provided many key insights for us, allowing us to learn new technologies and techniques throughout development including In-App purchases, store integration and Ad mediation. What started out as a passion project proved to be very valuable in more ways than one. This project has cemented a love for our own projects and we will be taking all we have learnt here into our next big venture!

Here is a list of some of the work we have done:

  • Created the entire game from start to finish, including Game Design, Development and deployment
  • Sourcing appropriate art from various sources to maintain a consistent theme throughout

Empires Rise is still available for iOS and Android and has received some positive reviews


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