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Pocket Factory is a merging strategy game available for both Android and iOS. Both the client and ourselves had a vision of creating a management style of game as this is a genre we are passionate about, however we also had to take into account market trends to see what was popular to ensure success. Research showed that merging games had become prevalent and were a trend worth following. For this project we collaborated with Mojo Games, who were keen to work with us after viewing our impressive history on UpWork and learning of our experience creating and maintaining complex systems at Jagex. Here we worked alongside the Mojo Games team from the ground up, assisting with both the design and development of core gameplay mechanics and systems that would help bring the game to life. We also took responsibility for integrating adverts and in-app purchases. We have received very positive reviews from Mojo Games and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Pocket Factory is available now for both Android and iOS.


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