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With a combined experience of over 20 years, your project is in safe hands. Our team brings a whole breadth of experience, from working on large games projects at renowned game studios such as Jagex and Rockstar, to smaller more bespoke experiences for entertainment and educational institutions, such as the BBC and Cambridge University Press.

Our background has provided us with opportunities to collaborate with various different teams from various different backgrounds. Our experience includes working alongside existing teams to collaborate and create large-scale projects as well as operating as a dedicated resource on smaller scale, bespoke experiences.

Our experience includes Game Design as well as Games Development. Got a cool idea and need to know the best way to see that idea realised? Let us work with you to help make your idea a reality!

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"Initially hired David to review code for the game at a very early stage and was blown away by his abilities and after a round with the board we hired David as leader developer for the project. He brought with him other developers who also did great work and I can say with full confidence there would be no Domi Online without their expertise."



CEO / Co-Founder, Domi Online

Frequently Asked Questions

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What kind of games does Ocean View Games develop?

At Ocean View Games, we pride ourselves on our diverse portfolio of games. Our team specializes in creating a wide range of game genres, including action, adventure, puzzle, role-playing, simulation and many more. Whether you're a fan of thrilling combat, immersive storytelling, mind-bending puzzles, or creative simulations, you'll find something to enjoy in our collection of games.

How do you handle payments and financing?

We have worked with a variety of different clients, all of whom worked in different ways. As a result, we are happy to collaborate with you to determine the best way to deliver our services. Do you have a long-term project you expect to evolve and grow over a long period of time? We are able to offer competitive hourly rates for live-service projects which run over an extended period. Do you have a fixed budget and are looking to get the most bang for your buck? We will happily provide guidance and estimates to ensure every penny of that budget is a penny well spent.

What platforms are you able to create games for?

We have a wealth of experience building for multiple different platforms, including Windows, Android and iOS. This experience has provided us with knowledge to design for specific platforms alongside having the technical know-how to do so. Whether you plan to create the next great MMO or a hyper-casual mobile experience, we can provide consultation alongside the means the create your vision.

Which game engines do you have experience with?

We specialise in creating the games using the Unity game engine, however we also have experience with other development environments including Unreal Engine and browser-based game engines such as PIXI.

What experience do you have with creating VR games?

VR technology has evolved exponentially over the last ten years and we have had the pleasure of working with VR in all it's various iterations, from light-touch mobile based experiences to high-end experiences designed for dedicated hardware such as the HTC Vive and the Oculus Quest. Using the Unity Game engine also provides us with the opportunity to design and create these experiences with different target technologies in mind.

What team composition and skills do you have available?

Our expertise at Ocean View Games focuses on Game Design and Programming. We are also able to provide references and recommendations for artists we have collaborated with in the past. These professionals are highly recommended by us and we would gladly work with them again.

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