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Nub Remake

Nub is an isometric puzzle game which was originally created for the Ouya Android game console which needed to be brought into the new age following the disappointment reception of the console itself. We were tasked with recreating the whole game from the ground up to make it compatible with iOS, Android, and Steam. We worked closely with Inferna Games for this project; indie developers and the original creators of Nub. They were able to provide is with the original source for the game which was originally created as a native Java App. The difficulty of porting this product to be compatible with the latest environments had led to the decision to remake the game instead. Using the original source as a reference point, we recreated the game using Unity in order to make it compatible with all of the desired environments. This also included redesigning and redeveloping areas where required to make the game more compatible and user friendly on mobile devices.


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