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Game Monetization

Game Monetization

You have a vision of a great game, everything is set, game launches and you have to pay the bills. Video game monetization is an important factor in all games, and this can either make or break your game. With Ocean View Games we've got 10 years experience with game design and development, we have seen and heard it all. You can rely on our experience and guidance. There are many approaches to monetising a game, from micro-transactions and advertising revenue to fully bundled purchasable products, and even NFTs! Within our years as Unity developers, we have worked with all of these approaches, and have worked with our collaborators to ensure that the chosen approach to monetisation is the best for their product and their audience.

Services we provide:

  • Experience with ad integration and mediation for all mobile platforms
  • Experience with the Unity in-built in-app purchasing service
  • Experience using multiple advert SDKs to maximise revenue
  • Integration with back-end systems for integration of NFTs
  • Deployment to Apple, Android and Steam store fronts

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