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Navigo is an ambitious game for android tablets which aims to assist children learning English, German, Spanish or Greek as a first language. The game was designed to be used alongside traditional learning to help reinforce the teaching while encouraging children to go above and beyond with a compelling storyline and engaging game mechanics. We worked in collaboration with more than a dozen educational and technical institutions across Europe. We were responsible for processing the information received from various universities across Europe and using it to Design and create various different mini-games which would help to teach children core principles in language learning. This project required us to go above and beyond the usual call of game development, working in close collaboration with multiple sources to design and create compelling and effective learning games contained within an appealing world. The game was focus tested with various different age and learning groups throughout development, which provided inciteful feedback and allowed us to refine the our game designs to meet the needs of the target audience. Ultimately all of this dedication paid off as the game received an award from the Serious Games Society in the Digital Game Competition as well as receiving glowing reviews from the focus testers and the schools themselves.

Here is a list of some of the work we have done:

  • Collaborating with Universities across Europe to ensure the designed games were meeting the appropriate learning criteria
  • Game design and development of 15 unique mini-games
  • Development of overworld functionality, including a hub world, NPC interactions, character customisation, and rogue-like generation of mini-games
  • Comprehensive data collection on player performance to dynamically determine the difficulty of the content being taught to the player
  • The game went on to win an award from the Serious Games Society in the Digital Games Competition

The testing phase for Navigo has now completed and is under review for further expansion. More information about the project as a whole can be found at the google play store link below.


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